Kheria Airport AGR

Kheria Airport is also known as Agra Airport and Agra Air Force station, as this airport is not only limited for civilian usage, but it is also used as a military air base. The location of the airport is seven kilometres away from Agra near Uttar Pradesh.

The best thing about this airport is that it is one of the biggest airline bases for Indian Air Force, which makes this airport more special. The airport was created around 63 years ago.

One of the good things about Kheri AGR is that all flights flying from Agra Airport are connected with all other domestic airports in India. The airport is also located close to other national airports of India. It also consists of a domestic terminal and is served by an airfreight company.

The airport serves many airlines such as Indian Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways, and Kingfisher Red. The airport is well maintained and passengers are taken good care of.

Passenger services:

The airport pays special attention to the needs of the passengers therefore, there are special services provided for them. There are special luggage handling facilities for the passengers. For any sort of information, passengers can easily find travel and tour desk.

In case of an emergency, medical service is also provided to the passengers. Duty free shops are also available in the premises of the airport.

Kheria Airport has special arrangements for the disabled and the handicapped.


There are various facilities such as currency booth exchange. Passengers can also find lost property offices, post office, tourist information centre, TR booth, and postal services.


You can find plush lounges, snack bars, and luxurious lounges, so just in case your flight gets delayed, there is a lot that you can do within the premises of Kheria Airport to keep yourself busy.

Hotels such as Agra Ashok Hotel and Hotel Clarks Shiraz are located very close to the airport. Car rental services are also available at the airport. A huge car parking facility is also available at the airport.

The type of the airport is Aerodrome, Airfield. Kheria Airport has two runways and the airport is running under Central Air Command. If we consider it an army base, this base has seen the likes of C-47 Dakotas, C-119 Packets, HS 748 Avros, AN-12s, AN-32s, IL-76s, Canberras, and now the Il-78 Midas.

This airport can be considered as one of the best airports of India and has been serving people for so many years now.

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