SpiceJet Passengers Save More By Carrying Less

Friday, 3rd July 2015 at 02:13am

After government turned down SpiceJet's plan to charge additional fees on a passenger's check-in luggages, the same airline hatched a new plan which would benefit rather than burden its passengers.

It is giving reasonable discounts to any passenger who would opt to travel without any check-in luggage.

However, a change of plan has its price. Booking initially for tickets under the no-check-in-luggage scheme and then deciding against it later on would mean paying for extra charges.

In this case, passengers will already be charged fees ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 750, depending on the weight of the luggage.

Aside from SpiceJet, AirAsia India and IndiGo also submitted a similar proposal seeking permission for airlines to charge passengers some fees for bringing along check-in luggages. However, Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State for Civil Aviation expressed his disapproval of such scheme before the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Government authorities in general echoed the same sentiment inasmuch as travelers will be burdened by it.

The proponents however insisted that that such a scheme has been arranged since first quarter

this year.

Meanwhile, to qualify for SpiceJet's discount scheme, passengers without check-in luggages must have booked for tickets 30 days prior to their scheduled flight. In this case, qualified passengers availing of one-way tickets could save around Rs 200 while bigger savings of Rs 1000 await those booking for round trip tickets.

Existing regulations on hand-carried items shall prevail.

The airline added that passengers can still check-in their baggages without extra cost as usual, provided they fall within the prescribed 15-kg maximum weight. No discount will apply in this case.

SpiceJet's COO Sanjiv Kapoor explained that this latest scheme encourages budget-conscious passengers to bring less personal items while traveling, make advanced bookings, and eventually realise some savings.

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