Pappu Yadav Displays Rude Behaviour On Jet Airways Flight

Thursday, 18th June 2015 at 01:49am

Pappu Yadav, a Bihar Member of Parliament (MP) reportedly displayed rude behaviour while on board a Jet Airways aircraft scheduled to return to Delhi on Tuesday. This prompted the captain to request for airport security prior to landing.

Jet Airways air hostess was requesting Yadav to follow aircraft safety regulations but the latter reacted by threatening to use his chappal to strike her. The hostess eventually logged a complaint addressed to Jet Airways.

However, Yadav denied the allegations, adding that a handful of passengers had issues with her during the flight.

The written complaint narrates that Yadav was the last passenger to board the aircraft. He and his assistant were advised by the crew to shift their seats to the appropriate position. They were also asked to turn off their gadgets. Both however, refused to yield to the requests.

Yadav allegedly dropped some food on a bag beside his feet. He then asked the air hostess to clean up the mess, commenting that MPs aren't supposed to do it. He held out his chappal and threatened to hit the hostess if she attempts to make any side comments.

The complaint also indicates that Yadav forcibly pushed the same air hostess when he was about to exit the aircraft. At this instance, the air hostess who was allegedly hurt and already in tears proceeded to report the incident to the captain.

According to the complaint, Yadav also raised his voice, declaring that he is an MP and that no one can touch him.

The captain then requested airport security to properly escort Yadav out of the aircraft, allowing other passengers to exit smoothly.

A representative of the airline confirmed that Captain Sehgal has requested for airport security to proceed to the gate in view of an unruly passenger on board said flight.

The complainant haven't elevated her complaint to police authorities. According to a source, the air hostess finds it more appropriate for the airline to file her complaint with the police. The airline though believes otherwise, explaining that it will support the hostess on condition that she personally files the complaint to police authorities.

With Yadav's influence and power, sources believe that the air hostess might, in the end, drop the complaint altogether.

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