Indian Airlines Keep Abreast With Social Media

Saturday, 28th December 2013 at 04:35am

he growing popularity of the social media among the large segment of the world's population has caught the eyes of many airlines companies, including Indian Airlines.

In less than ten years after the social media started to take roots in the early 2000s, the people have been very quick to adopt and have developed a unique affinity to it in so short a time.

In India, airline companies were just as quick to turn to social media to get closer to their customers with the hope of widening its captive market and increase market share in the process. They know how modern travelers have changed their social habits with time and technology.

Recently, a social media benchmarking company, Unmetric, made a survey on Indian airlines as well as other international airlines who have operations in India. All in all, ten airlines responded to the survey.

It is not surprising that all ten airlines have their presence in Facebook, the world's largest and most popular social networking site, while seven of them were found to have twitter accounts.

It's a little bit surprising, however, that only two of them have Youtube accounts and another two are active Pinterest account holders. SpiceJet and Jet Airways, are the only airlines to have held accounts in four major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. Jet Airways turned out to be the most socially-active airline with a fan-base of 1.1 million on Facebook, followed by SpiceJet, in distant second, with 530,000 fans.

Unmetric also measured how these airlines made impression in the social media to the respective communities by using Engagement Score. This tool was used to calculate how the communities responded or reacted to their posts such as Likes, Comments, Shares and Estimated Impressions from the users. Air India got the highest score in this department with 261 points, way above the sector average of 72.

Jet Airway also has the most followers in Twitter with 44,000 as well as the most active having replied to over 880 of the more than 2,580 tweets from followers, averaging 20 hours and 30 minutes per tweet. SpiceJet, in contrast, tweets the most, with 229 tweets and made 641 responses. Air India and Air France were the least sociable, having not replied a single tweet. Turkish Airlines India, though having replied to only 6 tweets, it had the fastest average response time at 21 minutes.

Interestingly enough, only two airlines, Jet Airways and SpiceJet, have their own Youtube channels. This despite the popularity of the video-sharing site to most people across the world. Both airlines scored an identical 15 from Unmetric for this reason.

While Pinterest is not yet a global giant in terms of number of users, Jet Airways and SpiceJet, once again showed their sociability as they are the only two airlines who are active users of the photo-sharing website.

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