Indian Airline Apologizes to James Dean

Thursday, 9th May 2013 at 04:06am

Don't be silly. James Dean has been dead for decades long before the airline was even conceived. But yes, Jet Airways wrote a letter expressing regrets, not to James Dean, the cat, but to its owner who was about to board its flight.

The 1,000-word letter of apology was posted on the airline's Facebook page to convey its regrets to the owner of the cat. The cat met its untimely demise when it was ran over, not by the taxiing plane, but by a land vehicle.

The incident happened early this year, in February, at the Delhi Airport, when the passenger was about to board a flight to Singapore. The cat just suddenly leapt onto the tarmac from its hold just in time when a vehicle was driving by.

In the letter, the airline detailed the circumstance of the cat's death and promised the owner that it will review its own policy regarding the handling of animals aboard its flights.

The carrier immediately conducted a thorough investigation on the incident by viewing the closed-circuit camera footage of the airport where it happened. It found out that James Dean forced itself out of its hold by pawing aside the wire mesh creating a gap wide enough to slip its body through the opening.

While the airline sent a team to try to revive the cat, it said that the cat died instantly due to severe trauma it suffered. It also made an effort to contact the owner personally soon after the incident.

The owner, who was utterly saddened by the death of her pet, canceled her flight after she learned about the incident. Security restrictions at the airport prevented her to get to the accident site when she requested to go there. She was advised to view the CCTV footage instead.

The airline issued public statements regarding its handling of animals aboard its flights and assured the traveling public, especially those who bring their pets with them, that they (airline) are following global standards in animal handling, that the incident was an isolated case it hopes to eliminate in the future.

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