Air India To Link Two Regions Via Record Non Stop Flights

Wednesday, 30th September 2015 at 10:53am

Bengaluru and San Francisco are popular technology hubs in India and the US respectively. Airlines including Air India (AI) believe that linking these two via non-stop flights would pay off, even if it means flying an aircraft for nearly 18 straight hours.

If AI's plan pushes through, this would be the longest commercial flight so far covering a total distance of 14,000 kilometers.

At present, Qantas Airlines holds the record for conducting the longest commercial flight regularly, traveling a distance of more than 13,700 kilometers non-stop, between Dallas and Sydney.

Emirates of UAE likewise plans to conduct lengthy, non-stop flights between Dubai and Panama starting 2016. The flight would cover a 13,760-kilometer distance as it attempts to circumvent high-risk regions of Syria and Iraq.

An executive from AI disclosed that the airline will be using its Boeing 777-200 aircraft for the lengthy Bengaluru-San Francisco flight. If AI's chairman of the board, Ashwani Lohani approves the plan, the airline will be holding the record for having the longest non-stop flights among all commercial air carriers.

AI also plans to link Ahmedabad and London through direct flights.

On or about September 24, India's PM, Narendra Modi will visit Silicon Valley in San Francisco where he might choose to report this new development. The plan will have impact on a number of Indian engineers and ITs working in the region touted as the US' premier technology hub.

Earlier, Kingfisher had intended to purchase an Airbus A-340 for its planned India and San Francisco flights. However, the airline failed to push through as planned when it became cash strapped. Jet Airways likewise envisioned a similar flight route but this too never came about.

AI has been contemplating on the non-stop flight plan between India and San Francisco at a time when oil prices were too exorbitant. Now that prices have gone down considerably, the airline believes that now might be the right time to finally launch it.

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