Tiruchirapalli Airport Civil TRZ


Tiruchirapalli Airport provides aviation services to the city and to the adjacent areas of Tamil Nadu. The airport is situated in the south of the city and is known as the second largest international airport in Tamil Nadu.

The airport was built during the Second World War by British, because it was to be used by the British Air force at that time. At the workshop of Ponmalai, the broken aircrafts used to land at the airport, which were then repaired. During 1930-40, the airport was used as racecourse. At that time, the airport had 600m runway without any proper building.

After the war had finished, the airport was permitted to be used for civil means, but it was openly used in 1980s. The first flight to be used was Air Lanka in 1981, taking passengers to Colombo. Later on, the number of flights increased with the passage of time. India’s official airline stated its regular services in 1990s to Chennai and Middle East countries.

The airport can connect international flights to Dubai, Colombo, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Kuala Lumpur.

Before the new terminal was constructed, the old building was all the time over-crowded. Nevertheless now, the old building is being proposed to be used as cargo terminal. If this happens, the manufacturers in the city would be glad, as they can send their goods to other cities and countries.


The new terminal was inaugurated in 2009, and is now operational. It is covering 11777 sq metre of the land, which has escalators, flight information display system, baggage conveyers, parking for cars, counters for check-in, and a terminal that is fully air conditioned. The terminal has the capacity to accommodate 400 passengers per hour and has an annual estimate of 3.24 lacks. The airport consists of two aero-bridges with 12 counters for check-in and scanners for luggage.

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